Manual Therapy numéro spécial en accès libre
Pour célébrer 20 années publication, les éditeurs du journal Manual Therapy (Impact Factor: 1.714) ont édité un numéro spécial en accès libre compilant les articles jugés les plus importants ou ayant eu le plus d’influence dans le champ défendu par le journal. Les articles sont en accès libre jusqu’au 31 Décembre 2015 :

Frozen shoulder contracture syndrome – Aetiology, diagnosis and management
Jeremy Lewis Frozen
February 2015 Volume 20, Issue 1, Pages 2–9

Mixed methods research – The best of both worlds?
Hubert van Griensven, Ann P. Moore, Valerie Hall
October 2014 Volume 19, Issue 5, Pages 367–371

The effects of shoulder injury on kinaesthesia: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Charlotte Fyhr, Linnéa Gustavsson, Craig Wassinger, Gisela Sole
February 2015 Volume 20, Issue 1, Pages 28–37

Manual therapy for cervicogenic dizziness: Long-term outcomes of a randomised trial
Susan A. Reid, Robin Callister, Suzanne J. Snodgrass, Michael G. Katekar, Darren A Rivett.
February 2015Volume 20, Issue 1, Pages 148–156

Is one better than another?: A randomized clinical trial of manual therapy for patients with chronic neck pain.
Honorio Izquierdo Pérez, Jose Luis Alonso Perez, Alfonso Gil Martinez, Roy La Touche, Sergio Lerma-Lara, Noelia Commeaux Gonzalez, Hector Arribas Perez, Mark D. Bishop, Josue Fernández-Carnero
June 2014Volume 19, Issue 3, Pages 215–221

Physiotherapy screening of patients referred for orthopaedic consultation in primary healthcare – A randomised controlled trial
Karin Samsson, Maria E.H. Larsson
October 2014Volume 19, Issue 5, Pages 386–391

Immediate effects of spinal manipulation on nitric oxide, substance P and pain perception
Francisco Molina-Ortega, Rafael Lomas-Vega, Fidel Hita-Contreras, Gustavo Plaza Manzano, Alexander Achalandabaso, Antonio J. Ramos-Morcillo, Antonio Martínez-Amat
October 2014Volume 19, Issue 5, Pages 411–417

Effects of integrating hip movements into bridge exercises on electromyographic activities of selected trunk muscles in healthy individuals
Hyun-ju Park, Duck-won Oh, Suhn-yeop Kim
June 2014Volume 19, Issue 3, Pages 246–251

Criterion validity of manual assessment of spinal stiffness
Shane L. Koppenhaver, Jeffrey J. Hebert, Greg N. Kawchuk, John D. Childs, Deydre S. Teyhen, Theodore Croy, Julie M. Fritz
December 2014Volume 19, Issue 6, Pages 589–594

Reliability and concurrent validity of knee angle measurement: Smart phone app versus universal goniometer used by experienced and novice clinicians
Steven Milanese, Susan Gordon, Petra Buettner, Carol Flavell, Sally Ruston, Damien Coe, William O’Sullivan, Steven McCormack
December 2014Volume 19, Issue 6, Pages 569–574