Sélection Cochrane pour les physiothérapeutes: OCTOBRE (Issue 10, 2011)
Voici la sélection d’Octobre (Issue 10, 2011) des titres des nouvelles revues systématiques Cochrane publiées ou mises à jour en rapport avec la pratique des kinésithérapeutes / physiothérapeutes:

1- Dance/movement therapy for improving psychological and physical outcomes in cancer patients

Authors’ conclusions
We did not find support for an effect of dance/movement therapy on body image. The findings of one study suggest that dance/movement therapy may have a beneficial effect on QoL. However, the limited number of studies prevents us from drawing conclusions concerning the effects of dance/movement therapy on psychological and physical outcomes in cancer patients.

2- Exercise training for adults with chronic kidney disease

Authors’ conclusions
There is evidence for significant beneficial effects of regular exercise on physical fitness, walking capacity, cardiovascular dimensions (e.g. blood pressure and heart rate), health-related quality of life and some nutritional parameters in adults with CKD. Other outcomes had insufficient evidence due to the lack of data from RCTs. The design of the exercise intervention causes difference in effect size and should be considered when prescribing exercise with the aim of affecting a certain outcome. Future RCTs should focus more on the effects of resistance training interventions or mixed cardiovascular- and resistance training as these exercise types have not been studied as much as cardiovascular exercise.

3- Home-based educational interventions for children with asthma

Authors’ conclusions
We found inconsistent evidence for home-based asthma educational interventions compared to standard care, education delivered outside of the home or a less intensive educational intervention delivered at home. Although education remains a key component of managing asthma in children, advocated in numerous guidelines, this review does not contribute further information on the fundamental content and optimum setting for such educational interventions

Ces revues ont été sélectionnées par un comité de lecteurs indépendants.

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